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Balancing Machines

Our nearly 40 years in the Balancing Machine business has given us the experience to meet your exact needs at a very competitive price. Whether it is to upgrade your existing Balancer with modern Computer Electronics or supply a new machine that will exactly meet your specific needs, Dynamics Research is recognized world-wide as a leader in this field.

The Patented Dynamics Research Balancing Machines use a computer and digital interface to gather data and perform complex mathematical equations necessary to locate and report on unbalance in single or multiple correction planes.


In addition to precision balancing, you can use this equipment to improve record-keeping, estimate jobs, and store engineering and design programs right in the shop for greatest convenience and ease of use. With the state-of-the-art computer, you can use the system to serve many areas of your business.

  • Using a reference mark on the shaft and an encoder on the motor, the angular position of the work piece is displayed on the monitor in degrees. This angle locates the position on the work piece for precise correction.

  • End thrust is limited with an easily adjustable anti-friction end stop which moves with the work piece thereby not restricting motion generated by unbalance.

  • The amount of unbalance is displayed digitally on a monitor along with a graphic display of the angle of correction.  Unbalance is shown in oz-in, gm-in, gmm-mm, mils displacement, or in/sec velocity to name a few.

  • The Dynamics Research Balancing Machine uses a computer and an analog to digital conversion system to gather data and perform the mathematical equations necessary to determine the amount of unbalance in one or two pre-selected planes using the influence coefficient method of balancing. This method provides precise correction indications with minimal cross effect.

  • The latest Windows-based balancing program features a user-friendly report, menu driven operations and a full-page printout, driven by a 24 bit digital signal processor, using USB technology.

  • Background vibration is eliminated by a digital tracking filter that is automatically tuned to rotational speed by the fiber optic phase indicator. All data is collected automatically without operator input.