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Vibration Analyzer

PortAlyzer - Portable Balancing / Vibration Analysis
  • Field Balancing
  • Portable Vibration Analysis
  • Dual channel
  • Easy Interface
  • Peak Hold
  • Industry leading support
  • True Zoom
  • Start UP/ Coast Down

DYNAMICS RESEARCH CORP’S PORTALYZER answers today’s need for a low cost instrument for machinery analysis with easy to use portable dynamic balancing capabilities.  This unique instrument, which is housed in a durable briefcase type enclosure and includes a Color Laptop Computer, is everything you need to perform accurate vibration analysis on motors, pumps, fans and most other rotating equipment in your shop or in the field.  With resolution from 256 to 2048 lines, it is extremely easy to use and you can carry your data base into the field with you.  There is no need to take data in a specific order like route programs dictate.  If you find high vibration levels, do the analysis on the spot by calling up previous data taken and stored in the PortAlyzer and compare that data to the present readings.  Quickly spot problems like; unbalance, cracked rotor bars in electric motors, defective anti-friction bearings, misalignment, mechanical looseness, cavitation and much more.

Ideal for Updating Existing Balance Stands.

The PortAlyzer is the ideal instrument to update an existing balancing stand or to quickly perform the most complex “In-Situ” balance jobs with our user friendly software. 
The PortAlyzer can be optionally supplied as the Operating System on our complete line of soft bearing balancing machines.  No need for separate instrument for field balancing and analysis.

Manufactures and Rebuilders of Electric Motors, Fan Rebuilders and Pump Repair Companies equip their service personnel with the PortAlyzer because the are easy to use, durable and versatile.